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Written by Vidar Fagerjord   
Friday, 23 March 2012 00:08
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There are some steam gauges and numerical displays spread around the overhead panels. Here's how I implemented the gauges, the ELEC panel and the FLT ALT / LAND ALT displays.



I ordered all my gauges and the ELEC panel displays from Opencockpits.com. I had some OC electronic cards lying around, and decided to use them instead of spending more money. In addition, the OC stuff is a LOT cheaper than some of the competitors. The gauges was half the price of the gauges I would prefer if money wasn't an issue. They look great, and the mechanics are decent enough (though you get what you pay for - some modifications may be in order). And this was in the package I received (plus two USB servo cards as well):

I ordered the gauges in a set, but had to add the outflow valve gauge since it's not in the set. The gauges does not come with a front bezel since most overhead panels comes with bezels / faceplates anyway. The gauges looks very good, and are easily backlighted. Here's some detail images:

The image does not pay credit to the effect - they look very good!

The OC gauges does not fit my FlyEngravity overhead. Some modifications is necessary, and I'll get back to that.

ELEC and pressurization panel displays

I made a holder for the ELEC panel display from some plexi glass. Since my overhead require backlighting, the holder also has to prevent any light bleeding through.

I cut out the holes for the LED digit displays, glued some pieces to form a raised frame then painted the whole thing dull black. The holder is held in place by the DZUS replicas. which consist of a "DZUS cup" and a M4 bolt. The holder slides over three M4 bolts and is secured by nuts.

The mounting holes are shown along the left side of the plexi glass on the image above.

Here's the holder with the OC elec panel PCB in place:

From the back:

The PCB itself is secured by two screws. And this is how it looks when mounted in the overhead, behind a smoke grey window:

The window is glued to the back plate and stays in place if I remove the light plate. The panel looks very good, and once lit you won't be able to see the cutouts. The displays are just barely visible through the window when not powered. And yes, they are green when lit. :)


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