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Written by Vidar Fagerjord   
Friday, 23 March 2012 00:08
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Pressurization panel displays

Similar to the ELEC panel display holder, I made a holder for the pressurization panel displays as well using the same approach. A small piece of plexi glass cut to shape, then I routed the cutouts with my Dremel and a straight router bit. I used the drill press stand for the Dremel for this. By drilling a pilot hole, I could lower the stand so that the router bit was at the desired depth. Then I just routed the holder free-hand. No need to be very accurate, except for the cutouts where the LED digits goes. Those cutouts I finalized by hand, ensuring a snug fit. I had to make a groove slightly larger than the cutouts in the overhead, since the grey window inlays are a bit thicker than the back panel.

As you can see, I painted the area around the displays black in order to prevent light bleeding. I had to stay clear of some areas so that the paint does not obstruct the cutouts for the panel backlighting.

Two thin pieces of plexi glass are glued to the holder. They was much easier to work with in order to fine-tune the openings for the LED digits - and they also created enough space so that the LED digits does not touch the window inlays. In the center of the holder, a square cutout was made for the encoder for adjusting the FLT ALT value.

Here's an angled shot of the holder:

This time I wanted to try another way of mounting the holder, so I used some 5 minute epoxy and glued it in place. Worked like a charm! I'm going to use this method for the gauges, as they need some sort of holder as well.

A sticky situation...

I used some liquid tape on the back of the PCB's and around their edges to block any light shining through. Apart from a small "leak" on the bottom of the FLT ALT window (which I am going to fix!), this worked beautifully!

Here's a snapshot with the light plate in place:

I am working on fitting the valve gauge, so this area will get more attention soon. All in all, the holders worked beautifully and gave me ideas for how to mount the gauges. I'll get back to that.


Update 02. April 2012
The idea I got from the display holders resulted in this approach:

I epoxied a small piece of plexi glass underneath the gauge to give it some support. The gauge itself will be held in place by screws going through the metal back plate and secured by nuts. Easy-peasy. If needed, I could also make a fastener between the gauge and the plexi glass piece - an approach I might use on other gauges.

The task at hand is to mount all the gauges, and I expect to be finished pretty soon. Some modification is needed on the Opencockpits gauges in order to make them fit. In the image above, you might notice a groove on the left side of the gear. I had to remove the white plastic in that area, and the black paint on the front, to allow light to pass through to the text on the light plate. Boy, do I wish I had the FDS overhead with IBL panels now!

I also cut a small piece of clear plexiglass and glued it into the gauge face-piece provided with the FlyEngravity overhead. And this is how it looks, mounted in place:

I am VERY happy with the result! I also used some liquid tape to stop any light bleeding on the FLT ALT / LAND ALT displays. Worked beautifully! Here's a few images of how it will look when backlighted:

You might notice some light bleeding between the panels at the bottom of the image, and that the annunciators light up. I'll fix that, probably with that liquid tape. Great stuff!

The fuel panel with the fuel temp gauge mounted. The backlighting is not uniform since I only used a desk lamp here. The cross feed knob is very dark, and that's something I'll have to look into. Perhaps a LED strategically placed. Time will show...

The air condition panel with the duct temp gauge in place. The darker area on the gauge is the shadow of the gear mounted on the servo. Careful placement of the backlighting should take care of that. I haven't mounted the gauge rings yet. I am looking into different ways to make the glass inserts, as I want glass on the front of my gauges.

I really like the Opencockpits gauges. Affordable and looks good. The servos seems to be rather cheap, but as long as they work...

So far, I am very happy with this. The overhead panel is close to completion at this time. After I'm done with the gauges, I'll start work on the backlighting.

Updates to follow soon (enough).


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