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Written by Vidar Fagerjord   
Friday, 04 September 2015 22:34

I am sad to announce that this cockpit project has been cancelled. Time and money needed to be diverted elsewhere, so the decision had to be made.


The overhead has been sold to a nice guy in the next town, and I have to do a little more work on it before delivery. That means that I will have one last bit of fun before it is over! :)

Now, this might be sad news for some people (although it should not be a surprise to anybody, since there has not been any updates for a looooong time...), but for me it is actually a relief. The interest faded away, and I got other priorities. The only sound choice was to let this project go.

Here are the good news, though: In the past two and a half years (todays date is 4th september 2015), my life has taken a new and much better course. :) I bought the house I have lived in for over 10 years now (it is the old family farm main house, built in 1850) and did a lot of upgrades on it. I changed the roofing, extended the roof "overhang" in that process in order to get a nicer look to it, painted the whole house, installed a new electrical intake and fuse cabinet, heating pump, new soapstone fireplace... and on and on the list goes. I also bought a "new" car (had 14000 kilometres on it, was just a tad over one year old).

And last, but not least, I met the woman in my life! Finally, I am truly happy! :) I could write a lot of nice things about her, but I'll spare you. :D

To all my friends around the globe; all of you whom I have shared a fantastic hobby with: THANK YOU! Thank you for your kindness, your support, ideas, knowledge - but mostly for your friendship! There are quite a lot of people I would like to mention, but I think I'll just say this: Thank you all for being a part of my life! Who knows? Maybe I'll return to this hobby some day? Time will tell.

My main focus now is to continue to renovate my house, fixing up my property and garden even more - and above all, enjoy being with my girlfriend! We love outdoor activities (mainly hiking in the mountains), so there will be a lot of that. :)

As for hobbies, I still have a passion for wood working and intend to follow up on that. I also bought a Massey Ferguson 135 tractor recently, and I'll spend some time fixing it up a little. But as far as flight simulator goes, I'm done. At least for now.

I will keep all the info about my cockpit project online as long as I can see some traffic on it. Some of the info is outdated, but I recon it still can be a good reference.

And so it is goodbye for now. Maybe our paths will cross in the future? But if that does not happen, I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart!


Thank you,


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