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Written by Vidar Fagerjord   
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 20:04

To the left, you'll find an image that shows what I want to build. It is basically a NAV radio, a COMM radio and the transponder.

These babies will, together with my FMC unit, be a temporary "FMC bay". That means that I will be able to control most of the interesting parameters within flight without a keyboard.

It is also possible to have a few crucial switches (for instance, Gear) at the bottom.


The panels and knobs you see in this picture, all comes from Simparts. The panels have integrated backlighting (I will be honest with you: the backlighting isn't very well done. I will update with pictures as soon as I can). You will get smoke-grey plexi windows with them, but the windows aren't present in my images.

The knobs need finishing (a bit sanding and painting), and seems to be of very good quality.

Here are a couple of images of the panels:

To the left is a close-up of the transponder. The switches are just placed on top to give a clue on the finished effect. The knobs are not all like the ones used in a real 737, but who cares? This was truly a "dear diary moment".

A real close-up on the transponder panel. Notice the DZus replicas! With the right color (RAL 7011 and spray painted), they will look really decent!

The transponder selector knob (the one to the upper right on the transponder) will need some work. It has a test button on top, and if I decide to make it work independent from the selector I will have a lot of work to do...

The panels are 7mm (0.276 inches) thick. The DZus replicas are 6mm (0.236 inches) thick.

Here you see the COMM light plate removed, exposing the aluminium backing panel. You can also see the very long M4 bolts I have (I am going to buy shorter ones!).

A close-up of the light plate. To the right are the backlight 5v connector (you get the plug as well) and a resistor for the backlighting.

To the lower left, you can see the hole for the COMM TEST button. As you can see, a groove has been cut around the edge to make room to mount the electronic parts. The white stuff is conductive paint, used instead of wires for the backlighting. A genius idea!

You can also see that the panel has a protective plastic sheet at the back.

The light plate consist of a clear plexi plate, with the actual light plate (white, non transparent) glued on top.

A shot of the knobs - the bottom row is the same knobs as the upper row, only upside down. To the left is the large knob; to the right is the small. They mount onto dual concentric encoders.

The navstack will be mounted to the right of the FMC. Maybe I will order the Gear panel and the Gear lever as well? Who knows...?

Update 01. sept. 07

The navstack is placed on the shelf for good. I have the multiradio now, and I'm going for the pedestal panels anyway. Haven't quite decided yet if I should use these panels for the pedestal or not...

However, this idea might be useful for other projects, so feel free to use it!

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