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Written by Vidar Fagerjord   
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 20:10

I just received my AFT overhead kit from Engravity. My first impression was "WOW". The quality and workmanship of these panels is just pristine!


Here's a picture of all the panels laid onto the backers.

The kit consists of the following parts:

  • Back piece in full size.
  • 2 separate back plates, one for each side of the back piece.
  • Lightplates.
  • Keys for the IRS keypad and the mic selector knobs.
  • Screws for the lightplates.
  • Annunciators.
  • Stickers for the "flight recorder", "Service interphone", "Stall warning test", crew oxygen gauge and "to lock index".
  • Smokey grey inlays for the IRS display window and the "LE Devices".
  • A small can of paint.

Let's take a closer look on the various panels:

Note the small "+" signs on the lightplates! On the real thing, they mark the place where the electric connector
for the lightplate is located. If the lightplate goes out, the pilots can press on this mark to try to fix it.

From left to right, in correct order. On the right image, you can see the aluminium backer ontop of the back plate. Notice that the aluminium backer has lines that outline the various panels. Nice!

There is a lot of assembling to do (which equals FUN!). Now I need to make a frame to mount these babies onto.

Annunciator assembly

This is the "old" style annunciators, and here's some pictures from the assembly:

A clear spacer is glued to the white spacer. The only thing missing is the label, which goes on the white spacer. Here's a picture of a couple of annunciators during assembly. Here I have painted the edges black. Just need to add another layer of dull spraypaint to get the perfect look.

Next job is to finish off the painting, then glue the label onto the white spacer. Then the annunciators are ready for mounting on the backplate.

Update 26. mar. 07

The annunciators is now mounted, after some erroneus painting. I used a spraypaint that kind of melted the plastic, so all the annunciators don't look too good. However I decided to live with it because I will purchase the new generation AFT overhead (at least the back plates) when it comes out - with better annunciators (take a look at the FWD overhead page).

And here's a picture showing the level of detail you get with Flyengravity:

Real deal to the left, my panel to the right.

As you can see, there's a screw between the annunciators. The FlyEngravity panel have a hole where you can mount a screw. It is actually placed exactly at the right spot!
The left picture is taken in a non-NG 737. Only the NG aircrafts have the GPS annunciator.

Update 01. sept. 07

I've made a frame for the overhead. Check this page.

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