FMC unit Print
Written by Vidar Fagerjord   
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 20:17

OK, I'm gone nuts. I just purchased a FMC (FMS / CDU / Whatever you want to call it) from Flyengravity.

click for larger version. Note the small yellow thingy's - that's my
super-hightech stand made from LEGO Technik...

The left picture resembles the color best. It is NOT bluish color, even if the right image gives that impression. The quality are excellent! I have tried it with PMDG and Project Magenta, and it works like a charm.

The right image shows a nightshot of the FMC. The screen is NOT as bright as it might seem in the picture - remember, this is a nightshot with the camera's blender open for quite a long time.

I will write more on the FMC and add more images, but for now this is all you get. I have better things to do in the LEGS page than writing things here. Enjoy!

PS: I really do recommend this baby! It is awesome, and adds a whole new level to flight simulation. I ordered mine from Flyengravity because it is plug-and-play (literally too), supports PMDG (that way I can still fly while building) and - as it turned out - gave me a major kick in the bottom to continue my work.

Update 22.march 07

Reeeeeaaaaally long time since I wrote anything on this page. Oh well. Nothing much to say, except that the FMC has been used a lot! And it is the best toy I've got so far (that's about to change - as I write this, the FWD overhead should be on its way). It behaves like clockwork, and communicates with Project Magenta like a charm. I really do recommend this product to everybody that prefer Boeing aircraft!

Just one thing: Take a good look at the large pitcures. Look at the details! Engravity is very good with details, which means that their products resembles the real deal in great detail!

So - what's up next? I have ordered my throttle quadrant, and plan to make my FMC bay this summer. That would be the next update, I guess.