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Written by Vidar Fagerjord   
Saturday, 27 April 2019 19:06

I've received an email asking about what happened with my site and if there will be any updates. Let me give you the story.


The latest update on my website was the announcement back in 2015 that I ended my 737 cockpit project. The latest update on the organ was in 2012! What happened? A lot!

In 2013 I bought my first house and started renovating it. The organ lived happily in the living room and was used almost daily.

In 2014 I met the woman I now proudly can call my wife. Then, in 2016, our first daughter was born. In 2017 I moved about 1600 kilometres (about 1000 miles) south-southwest to a small town (more a village than a town, to be honest) called Etne, near Haugesund. I sold the house and packed everything I wanted to keep into boxes. Some of it was shipped to Etne, the rest remains in storage for now. We moved into a 75 m2 apartment (800 sqft). Not room for an organ! I do have a decent digital piano, so I play daily - and have gotten a LOT better too!

In 2018, our second daughter was born. My Wife and I married the same year, and now my last name is Harboe. You cannot pronounce that correctly in english, but then my former last name (now my middle name) wasn't easy either. :)

And now, in 2019, we sold the apartment and bought a house with plenty of space - 250 m2 (2691 sqft).

The garage is being converted into the woodworking shop of my dreams, and the organ project is still alive. I will update this website when something new happens. As for now, I will have to wait at least 3 years before I can do much work; I have felled a huge oak tree which will be sawn into planks. As soon as the lumber has dried sufficiently, I can continue work on the organ.


I wish you a wonderful day, and hope to see you again in the future.


Best regards,

Vidar Fagerjord Harboe.

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