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Written by Vidar Fagerjord   
Saturday, 24 July 2010 00:04
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Update 18. September 2010

A quick shot of a LOT of work: the side panel for the pedal board. Not that difficult to make - once you have all the angles figured out! The idea here is that the back panel is fastened to the side panels, and the whole thing can be removed by pulling the side panel backwards. The "roof" will rest against a stip of wood, and at the top it will be held in place by two wooden latches. It can then be swung down and removed should I need to do some maintenance.

I've stained the inlay panels for the top part, and glued the framework together. And since I didn't want to invest in even longer clamps just for this project, the DIY muse jumped in. I grabbed a cargo strap and went to town on the framework! I placed the strap around the frame and jacked it into coherence:

This band is supposed to hold up to 3 metric tonnes, so the framework was no match for it.

I am getting kind of fed up with the project; I spend a lot of time on small details, so I needed a motivation boost. I therefore decided to work on the top part of the console until it is finished, and I thought that I should check how the pipes will look in place (and I needed to decide how to mount them anyway). So here you go:

The pipes will stand on a small board, extend up into the framework where they will rest against a board with holes cut to match the diameter of each pipe. What a motivation boos! This will look fantastic, especially when I've polished up the pipes to a shine! I will mount black speaker fabric behind the pipes to hide the inside of the console. I am considering different options for the middle opening since I don't have enough pipes to fill that space as well. A door, an open shelf for scores... I am going ot place the amplifier in there somewhere, and I would love to suspend a pair of speakers from the roof of the console, behind some pipes in the center of the top. I can then route the trompete en chamade through those speakers!

Here's the concept for the top part of the console:


That's all for this weekend - I am going to relax. Perhaps learn a new piece on the organ?

Update 25. September 2010

I've worked on the "stop jambs" lately. I started by cutting some plywood to the correct dimensions and shape, then I made some edgebanding out of an old pedal blank. Never throw anything away...

The edgebanding is shaped like a square Z, as shown in the image below. The rabbet on the right side will support the front panel. I am considering to mount a wider piece in order to get a wider rabbet, but that's something for later on.

As you can see, I used blue tape as clamps. But I needed to get this tight since the joint will be visible. So I slammed the two long clamps I own on the bench:

A day later, the edgebanding was part of the panel and I could try the thing in the console:

And here's the two panels testfitted:

I'm pretty satisfied with the result! The touchscreen will be hung on the front panel. I will reinforce the panels with strips of solid wood glued to the backside in order to keep the plywood straight. I haven't decided how I'm going to fasten the front panels yet. The inner panels (on eacth side of the keyboards, not the angled front panel) is inserted into the dado I made earlier and screwed to the top frame.

I had to see how the console will look with the pipes in place. Here goes:

I am going to cut the pipes just below the upper edge of the frame. Cruel, but I have to.

How's that for motivation???

Ideally, the opening for the pipes would've been extended downwards, but that would have complicated the build, and the symmetry of the console would perhaps be poorer.

And here's the current status of the build:

Still a lot of work left, but it looks very good! And this thing is big! I can't wait to get it into my livingroom! It's going to look awesome.

Progress is kind of slow, but I do not want to loose my motivation and let the project become a beast of duty rather than a great way to spend my spare time. Fortunately, I can play organ using the current setup. The progress is also slowed down because the workshop is very small, and I spend a lot of time setting up tools. I would love to have a dedicated workshop with space for a permanent setup of all the machines. But I manage.

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