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Written by Vidar Fagerjord   
Friday, 16 April 2010 12:27

The dream of having your own pipe organ at home seems to be utopia for most persons. And it certainly is, at least if we're talking about a huge organ with thousands of pipes. The cost is way too huge for John Average, and few have the necessary space in their home.

Enter the world of computers and digital wonders!

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Organ bench Print E-mail
Written by Vidar Fagerjord   
Monday, 20 July 2009 20:48

Today I started on the organ bench. I needed a break from the pedal board anyway - I'm letting some ideas mature while I'm working on the bench.

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Building a pedal board Print E-mail
Written by Vidar Fagerjord   
Wednesday, 15 October 2008 21:10

To play organ music, a pedal board is pretty much required. Without a strong bass line, the organ will sound weak. And you can't add 16 foot ranks to the manuals - that produces an awful growling.

There are some alternatives out there. But just a few companies makes pedal boards suited for a huge pipe organ. Depending on which standard you'll shoot for, pedal boards usually has 30 or 32 notes. As far as I know, the european standard is 30 notes, while US standard dictates 32. Personally, I went with 32 notes. I believe that it is better to do it now, than to be sorry later for not having the full compass.

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