It’s alive!

There’s quite a lot of stuff that has happened since I first installed a Joomla-driven website and started to publish stuff. I’ve become a father, moved 1600 km, gotten married, sold a house and an apartment, bought a house – and recently I got my shop for woodworking and other projects.

Now I’ve migrated to WordPress, and hopefully that means that I can focus on content again.

The organ project is still alive. I have some plans and ideas for the future, but for now I’m just waiting for a huge pile of oak planks to become dry enough for furniture use. As of now, december 2020, the scope for that is at least two years.

In the meantime, there’s a lot of stuff I hope to get to. I have two daughters aged 2 and 4, so I don’t have a lot of time dedicated to the shop.

But at least – now I DO have a shop! It took me about 15 years, but I have 30 m2 dedicated to creativity. I love it!