Pipe organ building links

A few links to information, products, manufacturers and other projects.

The most important link is this one:
Raphi Giangiulio’s Homemade Pipe Organ
Raphi is my muse in this project! He showed me that this could be done at home, and provided a lot of info and insight. Thank you, Raphi, for your help and for sharing your project with us!

Hardware and software:

  • Hauptwerk – the Hauptwerk software. Be sure to check out the DIY forum!
  • Milan Digital Audio – the Hinz, E.M. Skinner and CavaillĂ©-Coll organs
  • Lavender Audio – the Binns / Haverill organ
  • Organworks – makes pedal boards, keyboards and a lot of organ hardware suited for Hauptwerk.
  • Midiboutique.com – affordable and easy solutions for most MIDI needs; I used them for my pedal board.

Other projects:

Any links missing? Please let me know by sending me an email!

Regards, Vidar.