The coat rack

Final assembly

The hooks has just one single screw to hold them in place. That gives two options: either accept that they WILL swing about, or recess them into the wood.

Or drill a small hole, fill with epoxy and put the tip of a nail in there!

Using a centre punch I made a starting point for the drill, and drilled 1.5mm (slightly over 1/16”) deep holes. I snipped the ends off of some nails, being diligent to cover the end nippers so that the pieces of the nails didn’t fly all over the shop. And at the same time keeping skin away from those jaws! I have been burnt before, let’s just leave it at that…

After the epoxy had cured, I placed the hooks where I wanted them – I gave them an even spacing of 10cm (4”) – then predrilled for the screws and screwed them to the rack. Using a piece of scrap, I gave each of them a sound whack to seat the nail. This will keep the hooks that has only one screw in them, from turning.

And yes, if you notice it the Philips slots all line up as small +’es. Because I can.

The small sign holder hook is a nice touch. I’ll make small signs with some quote or funny story or something on them. For example Matthew 10:12-13:

12 And when you go into a household, greet it. 13 If the household is worthy, let your peace come upon it. But if it is not worthy, let your peace return to you.

Matthew 10

Perhaps “speak friend and enter”, to accommodate any LOTR-nerds. We’ll see.

Turn to the next page, and we’ll see how this thing looks on the wall!

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