The coat rack

Final thoughts and images.

Just two screws into the wall, and the coat rack was ready to go! I really like how it turned out, especially the very nice wood figuring that’s going on in the quarter sawn parts of the rack.

The small shelf is a nice addition to an otherwise boring row of coat hooks, and it is the perfect place for my wife’s needlepoint art. She’s really good! You can see her work at Instagram.

I am very pleased with the dovetails – they are straight off of the saw, and they turned out great. A few issues here and there, but more than good enough. I don’t suffer from atelophobia just yet!

Here are a gallery of images if you are interested. You can click on the images to see the full version. Each image opens in a new tab.

This was a fun build to do. I got to practice bridle joint, dovetails, gluing up boards and other useful techniques. Every project is an opportunity for learning and training.

I also find it immensely satisfying to use materials I have gotten off of the root by myself – I have done the whole process from tree to coat rack! Being able to do all of that is a true luxury for any woodworker.

I’ll leave you with an image of what the coat rack looked like in the early spring of 2020:

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Now, if anybody has a solution to the problem “getting kids to actually HANG THE CLOTHES UP”, I am all ears…

You can lead a horse to water.. Oh, well. Better rack this one up…

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