The saw till

Final task, words and the images!

After the oil had dried enough, I applied a liberal coat of beeswax. A day later that too had dried, and it was time for a bit of wax on – wax off Miyagi style. I buffed the wax with a piece of towel. Shiiiiny!

Two screws later, and the till was ON THE WALL! I loaded it up and snapped pictures like a madman – click on them if you want to see bigger versions (you could’ve done that the whole article / you already knew, didn’t ya?):

Here’s more (can you spot the inlay on the left hand inside?):

And with that, I can conclude the story about my saw till.

It was SUPPOSED to be an easy, simple thing. That did not happen. Which all these pages attest to! If you have read all of this you are a champ! Thank you for your patience!

What have I learned? Make plans ahead of time. Remember crucial steps, preferably using a to-do -list. Joinery is SO much more satisfying when it is not in tubes.

And I can pull off half blind dovetails well enough to fool anybody. Provided they are at the correct distance..

Anyway, the saw till is done and in use. It really looks posh, and that is a good thing: having a nice environment in the shop makes it feel different. Better. It feels like I know what I am doing and that I am (becoming) a decent woodworker!

Who saw that comin’?

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