The saw till

Still poshin’ it.

A bit of planing, scraping and sanding later, and my saw till is almost completed! Click on the images for larger versions.

I loaded the till up with my saws – this looks good! Except for the one saw handle which I need to shape. It is on my to-do list somewhere…

Here’s a shot from above. It is very easy to retrieve and stow the saws.

The final posh-down!

Dara-da-daaa! Dara-datta-daa! Admit it, you sang that one! I thought the front of the till looked a bit boring and plain, so I decided to add a little moulding detail.

I marked the center of the plank, registered the center tooth on my Lie Nielsen beading tool insert on the mark and locked the fence down. The first stroke is just to establish the track for the tool, so go very lightly – you can see the first pass ahead of the tool. The next pass is done with a bit more pressure, ensuring that the tool tracks perfectly.

Then it is just a matter of applying more pressure and have at it until the tool bottoms out. A quick adjustment of the insert, and I could take the mould to its final depth. Near the edges, the flaw of the beading tool becomes apparent. The sole should’ve been longer to provide support, but this is overcome by moving to the other side and drag the tool towards me in stead of pushing it.

The finish touch is done by removing the insert and dragging it along the pattern with my hands. The result is a crisp and neat double bead, slightly inset. It really adds character to the piece.

Strange how such a small detail can “make” the thing pop!

As for posh, I think this is enough. The next task is to make a holder for my saw files, my Japanese pull saw and my coping saws. I plan to store those on the sides of the saw till.

We’ll head over to the next page for that.

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