Rosemine’s wall shelf

More Titebond gravy!

I glued and clamped the oak slat to the front of the shelf. Lots of small clamps to hold it in place until the glue dries! I glued the hanging strip as well. The profile on top of the sides gave me no clamping options, but the divider strip did. Problem solved! Another option here would be to drill and sink a screw until the glue dried, but I don’t want to use mechanical fasteners if I don’t have to.

I decided to install keyhole hanging hardware in stead of drilling holes through the hanging strip. I don’t like visible screws or hardware; a shelf that seemingly “floats” on the wall looks more elegant.

I drilled out most of the waste, and after a whoopsie where I blew out the side wall of the recess (it is a mere millimeter wide…) I clamped a few pieces of gash to support the wood better when chopping the recess for the hardware. Buildin’ experience, I guess..

The yellow tape of shame peeks over the edge…

In no time, the keyholes were installed. Can you spot where the splinter broke off of the side? Pretty decent fix, I think!

With all the beautiful dovetail and through mortise and tenon joints done, and the shelf assembled completely it was time for finishing. And a new page.

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